Kilimanjaro Climb for Life

Check-in with our Kilimanjaro Climb Team for real-time updates!

CONGRATULATIONS to Team WaterCan for conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro in the name of “Clean Water for All!” You all helped to make WaterCan’s inaugural Kilimanjaro Climb for Life, Oct 12 -26, 2012, a smashing success. Thank you also to every single campaign donor – you helped blow WaterCan’s fundraising goal right out of the water.

What did our team endure? Ben Mulroney, WaterCan’s National Ambassador, summed it up nicely, “This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Kilimanjaro is a test of everything you’ve got!”


Audio Updates

Day 1
En Route
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Day 2
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Day 3
Six Hours
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Day 4
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Day 5
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Day 6
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Day 7
Moir Camp
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Day 8
Barranco Camp
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Day 9
Karanga Camp
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Day 10
Barafu Camp
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Day 11
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Day 12
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Meet our Kilimanjaro Team

Ben  Mulroney

Why am I climbing? As WaterCan’s new National Ambassador, I look forward to stepping up to this challenge! I hope that we’ll be able to spread a lot of awareness and inspire people to get involved in this great charity! 


Kerry Freek

Why am I climbing? Water is essential for life. In my work, I call attention to water challenges and solutions every day.  I want to spend this year spreading awareness by making a commitment to climb Kilimanjaro. The more people know about making fresh, clean water available, the better.

George Yap

Why am I climbing? As WaterCan’s new Executive Director, I’m thrilled to be climbing Kilimanjaro with this highly motivated group of WaterCan supporters!

Tom and Patti Kindred

Why are we climbing? This opportunity not only supports WaterCan’s efforts but also celebrates our 25th wedding anniversary. How great will it be to stand at the top of Africa with the love of my life! Carpe diem. Clean Water for All!


Joscelyn Coolican

Why am I climbing? Tanzania has always been at the top of my list of places to experience, but I have never been able to justify such a trip.  Now I can.  The Climb for Life enables me to raise awareness and funds for two issues that are extremely important to me – water and poverty.

Paul G. Smith

Why am I climbing? This climb will represent a high point in my life.  At the same time, it’s for a wonderful cause.

Tom Edge

Why am I climbing? I am hiking to raise awareness about the importance of clean water, and to see Africa for the first time – particularly from its highest peak!

Devin Publicover

Why am I climbing? In total, I have summited seven different mountain peaks. I crave adventure, and when I laid my eyes upon the email that contained the Kilimanjaro Challenge details, my heart almost jumped out of my chest.

Duncan Munn

Why am I climbing? I am hiking to do my small part to lift the dark shadows of water insufficiency and replace it instead with the light of hope that safe, clean drinking water represents for all.  I am honored to share this hike with my fellow volunteers.

Mike Garvey

Why am I climbing? Not only is this a fascinating opportunity to see a wonderful part of the world, but more importantly, an opportunity to combine fundraising efforts with actually witnessing the “front line” results and achievements of such fundraising efforts.

Peter Dobrowolski

Why am I climbing? I’d like to help improve lives and make this a special goal in my life as I turn 50 years of age in 2012. I would like to make it an extra special and rewarding experience.

Brittany Moorcroft

Why am I climbing? WaterCan’s Climb for Life combines two causes that I’ve recently become passionate about – climbing and water. I can’t wait for the challenge and the chance to help such an important cause.

Raj Kapoor

Why am I climbing? In 1994, I had the good fortune of being able to travel around the world for a year. I saw many wonderful and inspiring things. But what I also saw was how acute the need for food, clean water and medicine was in the majority of the world.

Chris Hilkene

A passion for water is what led me to become an environmental professional. Participating in the Climb is a logical extension of my work to promote clean water in Canada. I can support WaterCan’s efforts to bring clean water where it is desperately needed, while gaining some broader perspective & having a once in a lifetime experience.

Nick Spector

I strive for  my work to bring about some good. Volunteering with WaterCan is a chance for me to help an organization that is bringing about positive change in the world. The climb for life combines my passion, taking pictures, with a wonderful cause and a great physical challenge.

Rynette and Keith Guillaume

We are very excited and honored to be a part of this challenge to help make a difference in the water crisis in Eastern Africa. Rynette works in the water industry and has had the opportunity to participate in water projects in other parts of the world. We are both very passionate about world water issues especially in Ethiopia from where we adopted our son.

Michael Wymant

I’m climbing to raise awareness in North America about water use and reduction opportunities. It’s also important to me to witness the effects of climate change and attempt to effect change through my network in facility management, where major impacts can be made.

Erin Roberts

For me, this climb celebrates my graduation from Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo. As an enthusiastic back-country hiker and advocate for water research, I’m thrilled to join this climb to support WaterCan and kick-start my post-graduate life!

Alex Mifflin

This expedition will be my first trip to Africa and my first summit of a major peak. In addition to highlighting WaterCan’s amazing work and filming an episode of the Water Brothers there are just so many reasons why the Climb for Life is lining up to be the trip of a lifetime!

Tyler Mifflin

I have always wanted to travel to Africa to profile some of the serious water challenges people face there on a daily basis. This climb will not only be the perfect opportunity to see these water issues first hand, but also to help raise money to combat these challenges. Through our television  show “The Water Brothers” we hope to educate and inspire the public to take action, as well.

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