Joscelyn Coolican

Joscelyn CoolicanJoscelyn Coolican has been passionate about the environment and the less fortunate since she was a child. She continued on this path by studying International Development and Environmental Studies at the University of Guelph and Urban and Regional Planning for her graduate studies at Queen’s University. Her interest in water led her to a position in the Sustainable Water Management Division at Environment Canada. Even though her division was recently cut, she will continue to volunteer and seek employment in this area and is excited about new opportunities. In her spare time, Joscelyn loves yoga, singing, writing, and hiking/snowshoeing with her family. Her fitness base for Kili consists of: chasing after her two young children, running with her dog, cycling/running to work, ‘racing’ with her husband in triathlons, x-country skiing and playing hockey and soccer. Joscelyn supports many local NGOs and is on Board of the Bonnechere River Watershed Project. As a big supporter of WaterCan and their work, she is very excited to see communities that have been or will be affected by improved access to water and sanitation! Joscelyn believes the most difficult part of the climb will be being away from her family for the first time, but she is looking forward to celebrating her 40th birthday as part of the Climb for Life.


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