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Guidelines for Project and Partner Selection

WaterCan’s General Guidelines for Partner & Project Selection

WaterCan has developed lasting partnerships with indigenous NGOs that meet the following criteria:

  • Have a proven track record in community-based water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion programming
  • Are in good standing with relevant local government agencies
  • Work in a region of the country that is politically stable but have a proven ability to cope with instability if needed
  • Are presently working in the proposed project area. If the NGO is proposing a start-up operation in a new project area, it should demonstrate clearly that it has the capacity and resources to undertake the project.
  • Can be easily reached by e-mail, fax and/or telephone

WaterCan supports overseas projects, implemented by indigenous partners that are:

  • Being carried out in a region of the country where people’s access to safe water supplies and sanitation facilities is low
  • Long-term development initiatives (no emergency response projects)
  • Use low cost, appropriate technology
  • Include sanitation and hygiene education/promotion
  • Emphasize self-help and community participation
  • Benefit and involve women
  • Have environmental and/or watershed management considerations
  • Clearly elaborate how the operational, maintenance and financial management of introduced water and sanitation services will be sustained into the future after the project ends

Please note that WaterCan does not accept unsolicited partnership or project proposals.

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