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How We Work

WaterCan's Approach

Partnership and local ownership lie at the heart of WaterCan’s approach to international development.

All international projects are collaborative efforts that include input from WaterCan staff, African country-level advisors, indigenous NGOs and community members.

WaterCan’s Canadian-based program staff work closely with an experienced team of African country-level advisors who provide timely project management support to our well-established indigenous partner organizations tasked with carrying out WaterCan’s projects. Partner organizations, in turn, facilitate participation of local community members.

Every community is different. The best water and sanitation solutions are those that meet the needs of the people who live there. WaterCan’s unique partnership approach has proven highly successful at meeting the special water and sanitation needs of individual communities because unlike most foreign field personnel, our African partners have the added advantage of:  

  • Knowing local language and customs
  • Having existing relationships with communities and local government officials
  • Being in a better position to assess and respond to the water and sanitation needs of local communities

WaterCan is a member of the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) as part of our on-going commitment to improve rural water supply services and tackle rural poverty. We have agreed to the RWSN Vision and Kampala Commitments, which you can read here

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