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Youth Ambassador Profile:

The Nielsen Sisters: Jayden, Lexa & Ella Nielsen


Port Moody, BC.

Reasons the Nielsen's first got involved with WaterCan:

"We are in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia and therefore, we wanted to learn more about that country. While doing research, we learned that one in seven people in the world live
without access to clean water and basic sanitation. We also learned that every day 6000 children die from contaminated water diseases which means a child dies every 15 seconds. This is unacceptable and we want to stop this from happening. We want everyone in the world to have access to clean water which is a basic human right.
We chose Watercan because it is a Canadian organization located in Ottawa and we liked their global perspective on helping others.
We are glad we chose this organization to help us because their employees are very kind, thoughtful and helpful (they are very organized with their promotional material)."

The Nielsen sister's main goals:

Our original fundraising goal was $5000.00 but later we increased this to $8000.00. Given that we have reached this amount, we have now increased our goal to $11,000.00. Our awareness goals include educating others on how lucky we are in Canada to live with access to clean water and how to conserve water. We want people to realize how much poverty exists around the world and how we can help change this. Also, we want people understand that people die daily from contaminated water diseases, which is a solvable problem. We want people to know that $25 can change a persons life forever.

Give water, Give life...Help Africa!

Additionally, we have started an organization called THE KINDNESS EFFECT which is a group of children (basically just us so far) that want to be socially responsible and to spread kind deeds to
everyone. We believe that kindness can change a persons life and therefore, change the world. Kindness can spread like a ripple effect ( Also, we want to have a global perspective and we are interested in how they live in other parts of
the world.

Activities the Nielsen sisters have undertaken to help WaterCan:

The Nielsen sisters have created and implemented a wide array of activities to raise funds and awareness for WaterCan, they include but are not limited to the following:

1) At her elementary school, Jayden presented a “Give Life, Give Water...Help Africa!” speech to her class. Thereafter, she presented to every class in the school which included a water carrying
relay and showed the ‘Clean Water For All’ video. Lexa helped with this presentation.

2) Also at their school, the girls held a World Water Day fundraiser and awareness program on March 22nd. They were able to display Watercan posters throughout the school and created an
awareness display in the school which included a fundraising thermometer. They were able to sell their fundraising products which include stainless steel water bottles and silicone bracelets.

3) The girls sold their fundraising products (water bottles and bracelets) at Metrotown Mall in Burnaby, BC, on three separate occasions. They were able to raise a few thousand dollars.

4) Jayden held a “Walk for Water” on her 10th Birthday wherein friends donated to WaterCan in lieu of gifts. The children walked over two kilometres and wore “Give Water, Give Life...Help Africa!” T-shirts designed by Jayden, Lexa and Ella. They raised over $600.00

5) Vancity bank held a “Block Party” for the girls in Suter Brook Port Moody wherein the girls sold their products and spread awareness regarding their clean water cause. They were able to raise over $1100.00 which included a $500.00 donation from Vancity.

7) On June 12th, Jayden was invited to attend a child’s fourth birthday party in order to speak to the guests about her fundraising initiative and sell her products. She raised over $600.00! The
party was held at a North Vancouver family friendly restaurant called MUNCH. The owner of MUNCH has since been selling the girls water bottles and promoting their cause by displaying their flyer in the restaurants front store.

8) Jayden has been invited to speak at the local Rotary Club about her Clean water cause. She will be doing this in the near future.

9)The girls are in the process of building a website called “The Kindness” in order to advertise their fundraising initiatives. The concept of The Kindness Effect is that each small kind
deeds can effect positive change and cause a ripple effect of kindness.

10) This summer, the girls will continue their fundraising by selling their products in different locations around the Lower Mainland. They are hoping to that more organizations, like Vancity, will support their cause. We will be travelling to Ottawa in August, and we hope to hold a fundraiser with all our cousins there.

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The Nielson sisters are available to speak in schools in their area!

If you would like more information on how to have the Nielsen sisters come and speak at your school please contact Andrea Helfer at or by phone at 1.613.230.5182.

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