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Youth Fundraising Makes a Splash in British Columbia

They may be young, but they are proving themselves to be mighty fundraisers and vocal ambassadors of WaterCan’s important message: Clean Water for All!

Four British Columbia girls, Molly Patterson (10) of Salt Spring Island, and the Nielsen family sisters Jayden (9), Ella (4), and Alexandra (7) of Port Moody, have all set out to raise money to fund clean water projects in Ethiopia!

Their outstanding efforts, motivated by a keen sense of humanitarian justice, have brought critical awareness about the global water crisis to thousands of people throughout the province of British Columbia.
Read a Vancouver Sun article highlighting their efforts.

Demonstrating a philanthropic prowess that would make even the Gates family envious, the girls have managed to come within a hair of their respective fundraising goals within a very short time.

The Nielsen sisters - through school-based initiatives, online fundraising using “My WaterCan Fundraiser” , and information booths at Metrotown shopping centre - have already raised $4,290 of their $5,590 goal.

Molly Patterson, through the sale of colourful stainless steel water bottles adorned with a self-designed logo reading “H2oh for Ethiopia” as well as the sale of Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian coffee beans, has met her goal of $5,000 and upped the ante to $8,000.

 “People all over Canada have purchased my colourful water bottles and Ethiopian coffee, and I even had one order from the US,” shares Molly. “I have my bottles in local stores, and I also have an "H2O for Ethiopia" FaceBook page. I have sold 250 water bottles so far. Everyone I have talked to wants to help.”

These WaterCan fundraising projects hold deep significance for all four girls as both families have adopted children from Ethiopia. Molly explains, “In 2008 my parents and I went to Ethiopia to bring home my two new brothers. I saw how people were drinking dirty, filthy water that was full of bacteria. I wanted to help them out. I really like the people in Ethiopia and they were very nice to me.”

While Molly’s firsthand experiences traveling to Ethiopia provided great motivation and inspiration, it was the knowledge that 4,100 children under age five die every single day of diarrhea that mobilized the Nielsen sisters.

WaterCan wishes to thank these four exemplary young ladies for their efforts to educate their follow-Canadians, and for their wonderful contributions toward our clean water projects in Ethiopia! They have learned at a young age, that sharing and caring for those less fortunate makes the world a better place for us all.

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