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Youth Ambassador Profile:

Rhiannon Cobb


Ottawa, ON.

Reasons Rhiannon first got involved with WaterCan:

"I travelled with my Dad as his assistant photographer to Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, as he was writing a story about the water crisis in East Africa. WaterCan helped to organize our trip, and we travelled to different spots in communities, schools, health centers etc that WaterCan had done work in, was in the middle of working on, and had helped out in the past."

Rhiannon's main goals:

"What I'm looking to do through my efforts working with WaterCan is to raise awareness to the crisis in East Africa, the disease and hardship that the people of this area are dealing with. As well, I want to show people in our country the good things that are happening with their contribution and interest."

Activities Rhiannon has undertaken thus far:

"I've travelled to three East African countries and reported about my stay there through word of mouth as well as a blog on OWL. I helped advertise the "Water In Focus" youth photo journalism contest, and made an appearance on Rogers Daytime Television to promote World Toilet Day. Over the Christmas break, I made a series of videos with Peter Bregg to show viewers what my trip was like, information I had learned, and all the great things that WaterCan is doing across East Africa to help ease the crisis."

Want to know more about Rhiannon efforts? Check out her OWL Magazine

Rhiannon is available to speak at schools in and around the Ottawa area.

If you would like to have Rhiannon come to speak at your school please contact Andrea Helfer by email at or by phone at 1.613.230.5182.

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