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WaterCan @ Universities: Chapter Challenge

Congrats to all 2008-09 Chapter Challenge Contributors!

Check out this slideshow update to see what you've helped make possible....

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    Community members, including parents of students attending Keta Insilale Primary, attending a community consultation prior to the WaterCan project beginning.
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    Keta Insilale Primary School, in the rural Bachoo District of Ethiopia, is home to over 700 young students.
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    A new shallow well (still under construction) with water storage tank and gravity fed taps constructed with your help.
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    A new latrine block for girls. Separate and private washroom facilities help to keep girls in school during their puberty years.
  • Img 5
    This structure once served as a washroom for over 700 students. Can you imagine?
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    The Clean Water for Sodo Liben Primary School project is presently in its construction phase. The project is set to be completed in the summer of 2010.
  • Img 7
    Leslie Moreland, WaterCan’s Project Officer with Getu Alemu, Program Manager for WaterCan’s partner organization OSRA.
  • Img 8
    Leslie meeting with Sodo Liben Primary School teaching staff and OSRA team members during the early stages of the project.

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What IS a Chapter Challenge?

What's the 2009-2010 Chapter Challenge?

Raise $50,000 to fully fund Clean Water Projects at three large primary schools in the slums on Kampala, Uganda.

The goal of this project is to provide students, teachers and staff at Namungona, Kasubi and Nateete Primary Schools with access to clean drinking water, vitally important sanitation facilities and hygiene education. You'll touch the lives of more than 2020 children and their teachers!

How will the Chapter Challenge Help?

Having clean water and basic sanitation facilities like toilets and latrines on school grounds is crucial to creating a school environment that's conducive to learning and healthy development!

Imagine if:

  • you had to miss classes each day in order to travel several kilometers to fetch water for your fellow students and for cleaning the school...or

  • you had no other choice but to endure the indignity of squatting behind a bush to relieve yourself....or

  • you felt sick day after day because you're suffering from diarrhea and stomach worms caused by drinking dirty water and coming into contact with human waste littering the school grounds.

Not a pretty thought is it? But it's reality for millions of students in developing countries.

With your help and the help of WaterCan's partner organization, Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI), we're going to improve these deplorable water and sanitation conditions! Each school will receive a 10,000-liter water harvesting tank to provide clean, safe drinking water. Latrine facilities with separate stalls for boys and girls will be built using locally available construction materials, and age-appropriate hygiene education activities will augment the benefits brought by new infrastructure.

These young boys and girls deserve a school environment that facilitates their healthy development, physically and intellectually. Hope you consider helping us meet this challenge!

More details are available in the Chapter Lounge.

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Success Story

WaterCan thanks and congratulates its university chapters on yet another phenomenal year of educating, advocating and fundraising!

Last year , WaterCan@University chapters raised over $37,630 in support of Clean Water@Schools projects at Sodo Liben and Keta Insilale Primary Schools in Ethiopia! THANK YOU!

Give Water, Give Life
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