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Clean Water for All

Clean Water for All projects help to combat global poverty by working with poor urban and rural communities to find water and sanitation solutions that work best for them.

Throughout the developing world, hundreds of millions of people living in rural areas and urban slums surrounding cities have inadequate provision of water and sanitation. In Sub-Saharan Africa, only 58% of the population has access to improved water supply, while only 36% have access to sanitation.

The rural and urban poor living in WaterCan’s areas of operation in eastern Africa face similar water and sanitation challenges, particularly related to accessibility and safety. 

For instance, women and girls walk on average 6 kilometers to fetch water from rivers, streams and unprotected springs that are often known to be unsafe for consumption or are forced to buy over-priced and barely palatable water from vendors. There simply are no alternatives!

An acute lack of sanitation facilities in informal settlements and rural communities alike contribute to dismal environmental sanitation conditions that breed disease.

As a result of these dismal conditions, water and sanitation-related diseases such as diarrhea, skin and eye infections, intestinal parasites, typhoid, dysentery and cholera are far too common and in turn affect people’s healthy mental and physical development, and hamper their productivity. More than two million children, women and men die of these completely preventable causes each year.

In recognition of their inability to provide services to all citizen, local governments have welcomed the involvement of international and local civil society organizations (such as WaterCan and its indigenous partners), to extend water supply and sanitation services to underserved communities in rural areas and urban slums.

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Clean Water for All image
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